12'' Handmade Bowl Featuring Historic Gorilla Cantsbee's Nose Print

12'' Handmade Bowl Featuring Historic Gorilla Cantsbee's Nose Print

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 Just like human fingerprints, mountain gorilla noses are distinct. While all individuals in every gorilla subspecies may have unique nose prints, they are the most distinct in mountain gorillas. In fact, mountain gorilla nose prints are one of the best ways for humans to learn and identify individuals in the field. Even Dian Fossey used this identification method and drew nose prints for the gorillas she watched.

Each bowl is handcrafted in Rwanda by local artisans through our partnership with Azizi Life. Originally only offered at our new campus in Rwanda, you can now purchase these bowls online for a limited time!

  • Our hand woven bowls are crafted from natural sisal fibers threaded over a core of locally-gathered forest grasses.
  • Each bowl features the nose print of one our historic gorillas.
  • Available Gorilla Nose Prints: Digit, Poppy, Pasika, Macibiri, Titus, Maggie
  • Dimensions:    12’’
  • Care: Wipe with a dry cloth.

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"Cantsbee" was named after Dian Fossey mistakenly thought his mother, Puck, was a male. "Upon hearing the news from an incredulous student...I exclaimed, 'It can't be!' Thus Puck's first infant gained the name Cantsbee." Cantsbee has over 25 offspring and lead the largest group of mountain gorillas ever recorded - Pablo's group. He also holds the record for the longest consistent group leadership!

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